Jos square table 100

Design Simone Bonanni

Square table 100x100cm (39,4×39,4 in) with steel frame and steel or HPL (High Pressure Laminate) top. It has an interplay of curved geometries, particularly in the legs, creating a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

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Technical information

Frame material: polyester powder-coated steel

Top material: polyester powder-coated steel or HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

Use: outdoor and indoor

Length: 100 cm          Width: 100 cm           Height: 74 cm

Length: 39,4 in        Width: 39,4 in          Height: 29,1 in

No. of persons: 4


Materials and colours

BABEL D offers carefully selected materials and finishes to meet outdoor requirements. Our steel and aluminium alloy furniture is polyester powder coated in a carefully composed colour palette. Tabletops can be in steel or HPL (High Pressure Laminate), PaperStone®, an ecological material derived from paper, Iroko or Grès, available in various colours.

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Jos is a range of high-strength steel and aluminium alloy furniture for indoor and outdoor use, designed and produced to last and meet ecological requirements during and after their lifetime.

Jos has a slightly vintage feel updated by the designer with a careful study of proportions. The various seats, with or without cushions, offer moments of warmth, relaxation, rest, conversation and fun. The tables can seat from two to eight people. The large range of colours of the metal parts and the fabrics allows countless personalized chromatic combinations. Protective galvanic treatments and the polyester coating make the colours highly resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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