Walter de Silva

Italian nationality
Fiat SpA, Turin, at the Style Centre as junior stylist
Studio Rodolfo Bonetto, Milan: car interior design
Design Department Director, IDEA Institute
Style Centre Director, Alfa Romeo
Design Director, Seat
Design Director, Audi Group
Design Director, Volkswagen Group comprising twelve brands

Car of the year award for the Alfa Romeo 147 (1998) and 166 (2000)
Car of the year award for the Volkswagen Polo (2010) and Golf 7 (2013)
Car of the year award for the Volkswagen Passat (2015)
Compasso d’Oro lifetime achievement award
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010 (Audi A5).

Lives and works in Munich.
Walter de Silva has been working with BABEL D since 2020.


Mario Antonioli

Italian nationality
Degree in Industrial Product Design from Milan Polytechnic.
Master in Transportation and Automotive Design (TAD), Milan Polytechnic.
Internship at Q-id in Forlì and participation in projects for Mv Agusta, Ducati, RFC, LML

Collaboration with B+P in Milan, on projects for the Milan metro system.
Collaboration with Walter De Silva
Consultancy with Volocopter on the “flying V” product identity project
Collaboration with Walter de Silva and Barilla.

Lives and works between Milan and Munich.
Mario Antonioli has been working with BABEL D since 2020.


Walter de Silva and Mario Antonioli developed a chaise longue that faithfully reproduces the dimensional principles required to guarantee perfect ergonomics. This functional exercise has generated an iconic object where minimalist structural elements, graphic elegance and a strong sense of dynamism naturally combine.

Alodia is made of stainless steel and the only BABEL D colourless product.
This “lack” further emphasises the profound strength of this object.

Alodia, an elegant family without borders.

Its chaise longue, made of stainless steel, stands out for its image that is almost invisible but stands out when it shines in the sun, casting shadows and creating arcane images. Once lying down, one feels magically suspended.

The Alodia chaise longue is ready to defy time and bring moments of relaxation into any environment. The design of the Alodia chaise longue makes it an unparalleled product, ever closer to becoming an iconic product.

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