Bangi rectangular table 140

Design Altherr Désile Park

Rectangular steel table 140x90cm (55,1×35,4 in) with an irregular slatted top that forms an unusual pattern. Each slat is invisibly reinforced, giving the table unexpected physical and visual lightness.

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Technical information

Frame and top material: polyester powder-coated steel

Use: outdoor and indoor

Length: 140 cm          Width: 90 cm           Height: 73 cm

Length: 55,1 in        Width: 35,4 in          Height: 28,7 in

No. of persons: 6


Materials and colours

BABEL D offers carefully selected materials and finishes to meet outdoor requirements. Our steel and aluminium alloy furniture is polyester powder coated in a carefully composed colour palette. Tabletops can be in steel or HPL (High Pressure Laminate), PaperStone®, an ecological material derived from paper, Iroko or Grès, available in various colours.

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This is a range of steel furniture consisting of chairs, small armchairs (all stackable) and tables of different sizes. The shape of the seats with irregular slats offers a dynamic image, high comfort and an unusual aesthetics.

Each chair and armchair slat is reinforced with a welded steel rib on the underside. Similarly each tabletop slat is reinforced along its entire length by a welded steel support that remains invisible.

The protective galvanic treatment and polyester powder coating are highly resistant to harsh atmospheric conditions and guarantee the long life of this furniture while maintaining its aesthetic quality.

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