Lounge chair Melik

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A generously sized steel stackable lounge chair that offers relaxation and friendliness. Continuous, soft and sculptured lines. A hidden rib reinforces the lower part of each slat.

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Technical information

Material: polyester powder-coated steel

Use: outdoor and indoor

Larghezza: 77 cm        Profondità: 71 cm        Altezza: 73 cm

Weight: 11,6 kg



Materials and colours

BABEL D offers carefully selected materials and finishes to meet outdoor requirements. Our steel and aluminium alloy furniture is polyester powder coated in a carefully composed colour palette. Tabletops can be in steel or HPL (High Pressure Laminate), PaperStone®, an ecological material derived from paper, Iroko or Grès, available in various colours.

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Melik is a range of outdoor/indoor furniture designed to create environments that offer various opportunities for different occasions – relaxation, hospitality, conversation, or dining.

This range includes chairs, an armchair, a two-seater sofa (all stackable) and tables of different shapes and sizes. The steel parts undergo a highly protective anti-corrosion treatment with a primer (or galvanization on request) and are polyester powder-coated.

Each chair, armchair and sofa slat is reinforced with a welded steel rib on the underside. The slats of the steel tabletops are reinforced along their entire length by welded steel supports that remain invisible.

The tabletops are available in metal, HPL (high pressure laminate) and Iroko (length 180 cm).

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